miss me

 Outfit details:
90s floral maxi dress: thrifted
Everlane tote bag
Vintage Stetson
Vintage brogues

A few quick iPhone snaps of a little something I wore to check out Ed's Epicly Later'd screening in LA. Not really sure why I'm holding on to my bag for dear life but there you have it.

I was thinking about pet peeves the other day, I think they're fascinating and I love hearing what grinds other people's gears. I'll let you in on one of my biggest pet peeves: being called ma'm. MA'M?!! Oh no, I think you mean miss, random grocery store employee. I think it's also the tone in which people say ma'm. I feel like it's almost always uttered with a hint of impatience or annoyance. When someone does refers to me as miss I inwardly nod my head in tacit approval, with a slight smile on my face, "yeah, that's right, I'm a miss".  Being called ma'm is like the equivalent of someone telling you, "you look tired today" when you feel the opposite of tired and are actually quite wide awake, thanks.  It's a subtle diss! Only when I'm married with a ring on my hitching finger OR pushing a kid in a stroller OR am a woman of a certain age will being called ma'm fly in my book.  

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Anyone else feel me on this or is it just my weird hangup?


where the orange and palm trees sway

 Outfit details:
Straw boater hat: thrifted
Button back blouse: thrifted
Vintage striped skirt: thrifted
Vintage loafers: thrifted

 Hi hello! Spring is here (not like there ever really was a winter in California but whatever) which means the bougainvillea is popping off! Nothing says California in the spring like bright pink bougainvillea and the smell of orange blossoms and jasmine in the air. It's the best!

Just realized that I never mentioned this: Grant and I are going to Europe in May! YEAH! We've been saving our pennies and we finally have enough for trip. We're headed to London, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon. I've been scouring websites/ Trip Advisor/ random travel blogs for fun things to do, both of the super touristy variety and off the beaten path. If you're reading this and have a recommendation, anything from a cafe to check out or a cool, scenic spot to gaze upon PLEASE holler at me ;-)

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The Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942

Outfit Details:
Vintage palm leaf print dress: thrifted
Vintage hat: thrifted
Vintage black velvet coat: thrifted
Clarks mary janes


Can't believe I'm only getting around to posting these photos now! A few weeks ago Grant and I checked out The Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942 over in San Pedro. In a nutshell, it was amazing!! Probably the coolest and most interesting event I've been to in a long time.

You're probably wondering what it is. Well, the event is a reenactment of "The Battles of Los Angeles". Pretty much right after Pearl Harbor tensions were super high in LA because people thought for sure the city would be attacked next. On the night of February 24, 1942 some sketchy lights in the sky were spotted over San Pedro and Fort Macarthur held it down by firing at whatever what was in the air thereby defending LA. What makes the event so interesting is that it was never confirmed whether or not those lights belonged to Japanese war planes or what. The whole event was dismissed as a "false alarm" which has fueled conspiracy theories ever since. The biggest conspiracy theory of them all being that the lights belonged to UFOs. UFOS!!? Obviously we had to go!

Usually I think historic reenactments are sort of cheesy. Not this one. This event will put all historic reenactment to shame. You walk up to the fort and it feels like you are literally stepping into a portal that takes you straight to 1942. Of the era military vehicles, tents, tanks, munitions--you name it, it's there. All the volunteers are dressed up in period clothing, and I think the event even hires extras to walk around in 1940s costume to add to the ambiance (where can I sign up?). A big band plays through the night and as we were walking up swing dancing lessons were being given to those who wanted to jitterbug the night away. Also, most everyone who went dressed up which also adds to the fun!

Anyway, I don't want to give away too much (the famous battle gets re-enacted at the end of the night, bring ear plugs)  but if you're in the LA/ OC area this is such a cool event to go to! Tickets are $20 if you preorder and so worth it. Totally going again next year.


this magic moment

Outfit details:
vintage peter pan collar blouse: thrifted
vintage pleat skirt: thrifted 
A initial pin- gift from Grant
vintage oxfords: thrifted

Hello!  A few snaps from Valentine's Day. Grant and I decided to hoof it to LA to go to the Jurassic Museum of Technology (the below photos are some iphone shots I took while there). We had been once before when I was living in LA and it seemed like it was high time to visit again. I have a soft spot for all things creepy, weird, and macabre (within reason!) but maybe I was feeling extra jumpy this day (too much caffeine?) because I was so creeped out and on edge when we went! Don't get me wrong, all of the exhibits are amazing and so interesting (especially the superstitions section) but I think the music is what put me on edge, it sounded like the kind of stuff you'd hear at a funeral parlor. I assure you It was all very romantic, though ;-) 

Afterwards we grabbed some ice cream at Cool Haus and did some thrifting. We both found a bunch of cool stuff so I think cupid and the thrift gods were smiling down upon us. Then on the way home we stopped in San Pedro and poked around Ports of Call, which is where the above photos are from. Did you know where's a little red trolly that goes through the waterfront? We definitely plan on going back and taking it.

And now a few shots from the museum...  

These two photos are micromosaics! You literally need a microscope to be able to see the mosaic. I'm impressed that my phone captured them so well,
The museum has an amazing little library filled with old books on magic, nature, superstition--all sorts of great topics. I'd love to be able to read and peruse these books!
I forget what this is but it sure looked cool
Pretty butterflies and moths.  

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sunken city


Outfit details:
vintage St. James breton sweater - thrifted, Uniqlo anorak, Levi's, vintage lace up boots, Deadbead Club tote bag

The other day Grant and I decided to check out sunken city in San Pedro. We had been once a long time ago, before we started dating ( I think that was the first time we had hung out outside of school?). Anyway, we decided to suss it out again. Sunken city is/was a a coastal housing development that pretty much fell into the ocean after a bad landslide. As you can see, sunken city has that whole "romance of decay" thing going for it, with the added bonus of palm trees and the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. The area is thoroughly tagged up and while we were there we saw some kids adding more tags to the mix. Technically this place is gated off with iron bars, except there is one whole bar missing along the fence which makes it super easy to slip in and out. When we went there were lots of people walking around trying to catch the sunset. Obviously, common sense prevails: stay away from the edge so you don't fall into the ocean and don't climb on anything that looks sketchy.

A hop, skip, and jump away is the Korean Friendship Bell which is where the last few photos were taken. Grant wanted to check it out so away we went. It's a neat spot perfect for flying kites (lots of people were doing this) and for checking out the ocean.

Anyway, if you're in the area totally check these two places out!